Sferra Parson Quilts & Pillows

Sferra Parson Quilts & Pillows
The Sferra Parson collection is rooted in the heritage of Sferra's innovation. Sferra Parson is filled with Alpaca wool, in lieu of traditional down as Alpaca Wool naturally helps to regulate body temperature without overheating. Sferra Parson Quilt is available in three sizes and it is an all-natural alternative to down. The Sferra Parson quilts can be used as a duvet stuffer or on its own as a quilt.

Made in Poland
Alpaca Wool
425TC 100% Cotton Sateen
Sewn-through construction
Corner loops /Corner silks
Sferra Parson King Pillow
Sferra Parson Queen Pillow
Sferra Parson Standard Pillow