Philippe Deshoulieres Dhara

Philippe Deshoulieres Dhara
Since 1826 Philippe Deshoulieres has specialized in quality Limoges dinnerware and is one of the leading French porcelain manufacturers. Deshoulieres' designs suggest a new way of life around the table yet keeps the essentials from its traditional and legendary know-how: a combination of excellence, tradition, and modernism.
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Product Name Our Price Quantity
Dinner Plate Dinner Plate
Dessert Plate Dessert Plate
Bread & Butter Plate Bread & Butter Plate
Tea Cup Tea Cup
Tea Saucer Tea Saucer
Soup/Cereal Plate Soup/Cereal Plate
Rim Soup Plate Rim Soup Plate
Cream Soup Cup Cream Soup Cup
Cream Soup Saucer Cream Soup Saucer
Coffee Cup Coffee Cup
Coffee Saucer Coffee Saucer
Breakfast Cup Breakfast Cup
Breakfast Saucer Breakfast Saucer
Candy Tray Candy Tray
Cheese Platter Cheese Platter
Import / Special Order Item / Extended Delivery Time
Coffee Pot Coffee Pot
  Cookie Tray
Creamer Creamer
Deep Round Platter Deep Round Platter
Mini Cream Bowl Mini Cream Bowl
Open Vegetable Open Vegetable
Oval Platter Oval Platter
Pepper Shaker Pepper Shaker
Presentation Plate Presentation Plate
  Rectangular Cake Platter
Relish Dish Relish Dish
Round Cake Platter Round Cake Platter
Round Platter Round Platter
Salad Bowl Large Salad Bowl Large
Salad Bowl Medium Salad Bowl Medium
Salt Shaker Salt Shaker
Sauce Boat Sauce Boat
Soup Tureen Soup Tureen
  Square Zen Tray
Sugar Bowl Sugar Bowl
Tea Pot Tea Pot