Match Pewter is handmade by artisians in the north of Italy. Match continues the tradition today of long ago Italian artisans using methods that have been passed down through generations. The hallmarks on each piece of Match Pewter are the signatures of their skilled hands. The classic forms of Match Pewter harmonize with both traditional and modern settings.
Complimentary Ground Shipping on orders of $150. Match orders ship in 3 - 4 business days when in stock. We will contact you within 48 hours if the item ordered is on back order. Please call us at 800.834.3797 with any questions regarding Match Pewter.
Product Name Our Price Quantity
5pc place setting w/forged blade 5pc place setting w/forged blade
6pc place setting w/forged blade 6pc place setting w/forged blade
Dinner Fork Dinner Fork
Dinner Knife w/forged blade Dinner Knife w/forged blade
Salad Fork Salad Fork
Soup Spoon Soup Spoon
Tea Spoon Tea Spoon
Dessert Spoon Dessert Spoon
Espresso Spoon Espresso Spoon
  Fruit Knife
Fish Fork Fish Fork
Fish Knife Fish Knife
Steak Knife Steak Knife
Bread Knife Bread Knife
Butter Knife, forged blade Butter Knife, forged blade
Cake Server Cake Server
Carving Fork Carving Fork
Carving Knife Carving Knife
Carving Set Carving Set
  Cheese Knife
Cheese Knife Set Cheese Knife Set
Ladle Ladle
Parmesan Cheese Knife Parmesan Cheese Knife
Serving Fork Serving Fork
  Serving Fork & Spoon
Serving Spoon Serving Spoon
  Soft Cheese Knife
  Wide Serving Spoon