Herend Chinese Bouquet Turquoise & Platinum

Herend Chinese Bouquet Turquoise & Platinum
        World renowned Herend china is hand painted in Hungary on durable hard paste porcelain body and trimmed in 24-kt gold.or platinum. The Herend dinnerware range from simply banded to ornately decorated florals and birds and is dishwasher-safe making it a breeze to enjoy. Timeless and ever in vogue, Herend keeps excellent company being owned by royalty, dignitaries and celebrities from all walks of life and is sold in very select stores specializing in superior goods and service.
We have been an authorized Dealer of Herend for 40 years!

Free UPS Ground Shipping on orders of $150. Herend ships in 2 business days when available in stock. When not in stock in the U.S. shipping may take 4-6 weeks. We will notify you within 48 hours of availability. Please call us at 800.834.3797 with questions you may have. 
Product Name Our Price Quantity
Dinner Plate - 10.5" Dinner Plate - 10.5"
Salad Plate - 7.5" Salad Plate - 7.5"
Bread & Butter Plate - 6" Bread & Butter Plate - 6"
  Mug - 10 oz.
Tea Cup - 8 oz. Tea Cup - 8 oz.
Tea Saucer - 6" Tea Saucer - 6"