Ginori Oriente Italiano - Bario Dinnerware Collection

Ginori Oriente Italiano - Bario
Iconic Ginori Oriente Italiano dinnerware merges exotic beauty with Italian elegance. Evocative floral decor is infused with Far Eastern charm! The strikingly rich palettes of each Richard Ginori Oriente Italiano collection creates richly balanced compositions on the classic Richard Ginori Antico Doccia shape. Turn a dinner party into a journey!
Richard Ginori Oriente Italiano Bario collection is no longer stocked in the U.S. Ginori warehouse. We do stock some Bario in our store however orders may take 30 - 60 days. We will notify regarding estimated delivery within 48 hours of order. Please call us at 800.834.3797 with questions regarding Oriente Italiano Bario.