Gien Filets Taupe Dinnerware

Gien Filets Taupe
Gien Faience dinnerware, manufactured in France since 1821, near the castles of the Loire Valley,  known worldwide as a comapny dedicated to quality with rich technical and artistic heritage. Faiencerie de Gien' s dedication to creativitiy and elegance makes it a top-selling brand worldwide. Entertaining with Gien Faience exudes French style and originality !
Gien Filet Taupe features hand painted filets in a warm nuetral taupe color on the traditional fluted Gien pattern. Gien Filet Taupe is beautiful alone or blends and layers well with many Gien patterns that share the same color. Maybe with Sologne and Pont Aux Choux Taupe for a beautifully layered table?
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