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Simple Tableware Designs

FX Dougherty Simple GlasswareThe other day a friend and I were discussing an ad layout for a local designer house here in Bucks County. We discussed the importance of negative space within the ad. Negative space and simplicity can make more of an impact than something fancy or contrived and overdone. That concept carries over into all elements of design and since our focus at FX Dougherty Home and Gift is on tableware I want to share some of our favorite simple designs with you.

Christofle Commodore Silverplate Flatware was first introduced in the thirties and just last year was FX Dougherty Simple Tablewarereintroduced by the iconic silver brand. It is just as beautiful, simple and timeless as it was then.

William Yeoward Crystal made their name in the world of luxury brands with their beautifully executed reproductions of antique Georgian glass, yet some of our favorite patterns are the simple ones.

We love coupe soups at FX Dougherty! Coupe refers to the simple shape of a bowl that has no rim or border, it simply sweeps up from the base. Raynaud’s Allee Royale pattern is a classic Limoges favorite and the coupe updates the look. Raynaud’s Attraction pattern is a more contemporary pattern on the same coupe shape. Coupe shape bowls are available in many brands and patterns.

Simplicity in design is the philosophy on which Simon Pearce created his beautiful collection over 32 years ago and is still the mantra of the brand today.

FX Dougherty Dinnerware ChefMy sister and I have more than 60 years of combined tableware experience. We have more tableware than we know what to do with and we still love it! We recently ordered some small ramekins for ourselves from Raynaud’s Lunes collection designed by Anne – Sophie Pic, the famed Parisian Chef. They are small, perfectly scaled, have a fabulous glaze, are so white, and so simple. The thing I should fill you in on is that we have each commented on how much we love owning and using them, almost on a daily basis for so many uses. So simple… so well done, and so pretty!

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