Alain Saint Joanis Riviera Olivewood Stainless

Alain Saint Joanis Riviera Olivewood Stainless
The essence of French luxury, Alain Saint Joanis, has been designing and creating quality flatware of timeless and refined designs in La Monnerie, France, since 1876. The heritage of Alain Saint Joanis has become their passion, with the skill often being passed from father to son. Alain Saint Joanis is hand assembled, hand polished, and available in an array of patterns in 18/10 stainless, silver, or gold plating. Alain Saint-Joanis is a member of the Atelier d'Art de France, a federation of craft professionals. 

Most Alain Saint Joanis products are made to order, therefore, we require a 50% deposit at the time your order is placed. We will bill your card for the remaining balance on the day that your order is shipped from France. Alain Saint Joanis orders cannot be returned or exchanged  - all orders are final. Orders cannot be canceled once confirmed from ASJ in France, and you have been charged a deposit. 

Free Shipping on orders of $249. Call us at 800.834.3797 with questions regarding Alain Saint Joanis. 
Product Name Our Price Quantity
5 Piece Setting* 5 Piece Setting*
  Dinner Fork *
  Dinner Knife *
  Salad Fork *
  Soup Spoon *
  Tea Spoon *
  Butter Spreader
  Demitasse Spoon
  Dessert Knife
  Fish Fork
  Fish Knife
  Cake Fork
  Table Spoon
  Serving Fork
  Serving Spoon
  Carving Set / 2 Piece
  Fish Serving Set / 2 Piece
  Pastry Server
  Salad Set / 2 Piece
  Bread Knife
  Butter Serving Knife
  Cheese Knife
  Gravy Ladle
  Soup Ladle