Sferra Lucio Sky

Sferra Lucio Sky
Sferra Luccuio sheets and bedding is woven with pure, extra-long staple cotton. Sferra has achieved a signature-level sateen bedding set that possesses a luscious, silky hand alongside outstanding durability. The simple yet classic talooring of Sferra Luccio bedding is at home in both a taditional and contemporary home.

Made in Italy
100% Extra-long-staple cotton Sateen
Flange measurements: Duvet Cover / 2 1/2-inches Shams / 2-inches Boudoir / 1 1/2-inches Flat Sheet / 4-inches Pillowcase cuffs
Hem: Hemstitch
Product Name Our Price Quantity
Full/Queen Flat Sheet 96X114 Full/Queen Flat Sheet 96X114
King Flat Sheet 114X114 King Flat Sheet 114X114
Twin Flat Sheet 74X114 Twin Flat Sheet 74X114
Cal King Bottom Fitted 72X84X17 Cal King Bottom Fitted 72X84X17
Full Bottom Fitted 54X75X17 Full Bottom Fitted 54X75X17
King Bottom Fitted 78X80X17 King Bottom Fitted 78X80X17
Queen Bottom Fitted 60X80X17 Queen Bottom Fitted 60X80X17
Twin Bottom Fitted 39X75X17 Twin Bottom Fitted 39X75X17
King Pillow Case 22X42 King Pillow Case 22X42
Standard Pillow Case 22X33 Standard Pillow Case 22X33
Full/Queen Duvet Cover 88X92 Full/Queen Duvet Cover 88X92
King Duvet Cover 106X92 King Duvet Cover 106X92
Twin Duvet Cover 68X86 Twin Duvet Cover 68X86
Boudoir Sham 12X16 Boudoir Sham 12X16
Continental Sham 26X26 Continental Sham 26X26
King Sham 21X36 King Sham 21X36
Standard Sham 21X26 Standard Sham 21X26