Mottahedeh Blue Canton Heirluminare Fu Dog Vessel

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Mottahedeh Blue Canton Heirluminare Fu Dog Vessel
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Candle Scent: Air de Bergamia
  • Top Notes: Citrus, Lemon, Orange
  • Heart Notes: Bergamot, Tea Notes, Raspberry, Peach
  • Background Notes: Moss

23 oz./80 hours average burn time 100% natural wax with no palm oil producing a clear, smoke-free burn
Measurements: 6" ht. / 5" diameter
Browse the Mottahedeh Blue Canton Accessories collection! Mottahedeh Blue Canton is named for the great Chinese trading port from which it came and is noted for the blue lattice border surrounding and a variety of landscape scenes on various pieces. In America, Chinese blue and white porcelain was in demand well into the 19th century and has become part of the heritage of many American families. Mottahedeh Blue Canton recaptures historical and centuries old tradition and aesthetic.