Herend Mosaics Collection

Herend Mosaics Collection
Introduced in 2008, the Mosaics limited-edition figurine collection is the beautiful offspring of black, butterscotch and chocolate fishnet. The striking combination requires the artist's skillful hand in painting and  intense concentration to ensure colors alternate properly. The artist must take care to scatter the colors proportionately while remembering that the number and direction of the scale is constantly changing. With this degree of scrutiny and deliberation, each Mosaic figurine takes up to 40% longer to paint than a typical fishnet version.
  Herend's porcelain figurine collection is completely handpainted by talented artisans at the Herend factory in Hungary with each detailed piece trimmed in 24kt. gold. Renowned the world over for their skilled porcelain artisans and elegant quality prodctions since 1826.
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