Meissen Blue Onion Dinnerware

Meissen Blue Onion
   Meissen Blue Onion dinnerware was inspired by East Asian patterns, which were predominantly blue at the time. Meissen’s Blue Onion Pattern was created in 1731 and went on to become famous around the world. The pattern’s “onions” are not in fact onions, but rather peaches and melons lining the rim, bamboo stalks and delicate chrysanthemum blossoms in the middle. The famous "Crossed Swords" of Meissen, used since 1888, can be found at the foot of the bamboo stalk. Each piece of Meissen Blue Onion dinnerware is unique and hand painted by the skilled artisans at the Messen manufactory in Germany. 

Meissen dinnerware is specially ordered. Please anticipate a 8 - 16 week delivery for most items