L'Objet Haas Collection

L'Objet Haas Collection
The L’OBJET Haas Brothers collection is a meeting of imaginative minds and skilled hands. Los Angeles-based artists Simon and Nikolai Haas worked in close collaboration with the craftsmen at L’OBJET to create a collection that spans tableware, home decor, textiles and fragrance. The L'Objet Haas collection brings to life a family of whimsical creatures in the highest quality of finish and function. The L'Objet Haas collection items are to be cherished and in using them, everyday moments become memorable; the ordinary becomes extraordinary!
L'Objet Haas Chess Set
L'Objet Haas Poker Set
L'Objet Haas Tic-Tac-Toe
L'Objet Haas Mojave Charger
L'Objet Haas Horn Candlestick
L'Objet Haas Incense Burner