Prelude Platinum Filet

Prelude Platinum Filet
JL Coquet tableware also known as Jean Louis Coquet was founded in 1963 and has inherited a rich tradition.  From the beginning, the company has known a great renown and has been rewarded for its shapes creations and the extreme whiteness and quality of its porcelain.
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Product Name Our Price Quantity
Dinner Plate Dinner Plate
Dessert Plate Dessert Plate
Bread and Butter Plate Bread and Butter Plate
Tea Cup Tea Cup
Tea Saucer Tea Saucer
  Presentation Plate
Coffee Cup Coffee Cup
Coffee Saucer Coffee Saucer
  Cake Plate
Creamer Creamer
Large Salad Bowl Large Salad Bowl
Large Vegetable / Soup Tureen Large Vegetable / Soup Tureen
Sauce Boat Sauce Boat
Small Salad Bowl Small Salad Bowl
Sugar Bowl Sugar Bowl
Tea / Coffee Pot Tea / Coffee Pot