Gien Le Secret

Gien Le Secret
 New Gien Le Secret pattern tells a delightful story! Browse through the story as told from plate to plate with each animal passing the word. Mrs Fox has a secret. Bursting to tell, she confides in Rabbit, who whispers it to Dragon Fly, who tells it to Squirrel … but what can this closely guarded secret be? All is told on the cake plate, the centerpiece, where all the animals gather to find out that Mrs Fox has had a baby. A promise of new life full of poetry and light, there is a fine balance between the graceful portrayal of the animals and the invasive presence of the plant, denoting the artist’s skillful stroke of pen.  Also available is a Baby Dish and Cup Gift Set. Each piece of the range is different, you can tell the story using a whole series of plates, your children won’t want to leave the table.  A delightful pattern to fascinate young and old! Gien Le Secret tableware is designd by Emilie Vast, illustrator, author and visual artist.
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