Crown Linen Design Pinecone Ornament Napkin - Set 4

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Crown Linen Design Pinecone Ornament Napkin - Set 4
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Our Price: $100.00
Manufacturer: Crown Linen Design


  • 100% European linen / Embroidered
/ Made in Ukraine
Product Care: Machine wash and lay flat to dry for a soft and comfortable look. Iron if desired for a more formal appeal
Measurements: 22" Square
Crown Linen Designs, founded in 2014, works with linen producers and embroidery artists in Eastern Europe where the art of embroidery is very much a part of the region’s cultural identity. Uniquely beautiful, Crown Linen offers pieces that are very affordable, allowing the opportunity to bring added beauty to your home. Crown Linen Designs redefines how you will think about linen. Offering classic, timeless features of linen in traditional and contemporary designs!