Haviland Brandebourg Gold Dinneware

Brandebourg Gold
Founded in 1842, Haviland has a rich history of combining modern demands with creative craftsmanship. While the quality of their exquisitely hand-finished pieces of Haviland China have been the frequent choice of monarchs, heads of state and homes over many years, that same skill and craftsmanship are evident in their new modern dinnerware designs . Manufactured in the Limoges region of France.   We have been an Authorized Haviland Retailer for more than 35 years.
Free UPS Ground Shipping on $150 order. Haviland usually ships 3 -4 days when in stock.  Back orders may take 4 -6 weeks when coming from Haviland in France . We will advise you within 48 hours if we cannot ship your order immediately. Please call us at 1.800.834.3797 if you have any questions regarding Haviland china.
Product Name Our Price Quantity
  5 Piece Place Setting
Dinner Plate    (Coup Shape) Dinner Plate (Coup Shape)
Dessert Plate   (Semi-Coup Shape) Dessert Plate (Semi-Coup Shape)
Bread & Butter Plate     (Coup Shape) Bread & Butter Plate (Coup Shape)
Tea Cup       (Complice Shape) Tea Cup (Complice Shape)
Tea Saucer  (Complice Shape) Tea Saucer (Complice Shape)
Charger Charger
Salad Plate Salad Plate
Rim Soup Large Rim Soup Large
Coup Soup Coup Soup
Cereal Bowl Cereal Bowl
Espresso  Cup Espresso Cup
Espresso Saucer Espresso Saucer
Chop Plate Chop Plate
Coffee / Tea Pot Coffee / Tea Pot
Covered Sugar Covered Sugar
Creamer Creamer
Deep Round Platter Deep Round Platter
Oblong Cake Platter Oblong Cake Platter
Open Vegetable Open Vegetable
Oval Large Platter Oval Large Platter
Salad Serving Bowl Salad Serving Bowl
Sauce Boat Sauce Boat
Small Platter/ Pickle Dish Small Platter/ Pickle Dish
Tart/Cake Platter Tart/Cake Platter