Berti Pastry Knives

Berti Pastry Knives
    Berti Cotellerie has a long history of steel, fire, and skilled hands creating some of the finest cutting tools in the world. Founded by David Berti in 1895 in the Tuscan countryside north of Florence, it is today under the guidance of his great-grandson Andrea who has abandoed nothing. Each Berti Knife is the work of one Artisan from start to finish. This is the way to produce a piece of extreme integrity.  Labor intensive? Absolutely.   But the labor is one of love and the result is a work of art, which is why every blade is initialed by the artisan who crafted it. Each piece of Berti Cotellerie is an heirloom.

Berti Chocolate Hammer
Berti Chocolate Knife - Large
Berti Chocolate Knife - Small
Berti Fruit Knife - Large
Berti Fruit Knife - Small
Berti Fruit Tart Knife
Berti Millefoglie Knife
Berti Mousse Knife
Berti Palette Knife - Large
Berti Palette Knife - Small
Berti Palette Spreading Knife
Berti Sacher Knife
Berti Sponge Cake Knife
Berti Tasting Spoon