Berti White Lucite Handle

Berti White Lucite Handle
    Berti Cotellerie has a long history of steel, fire, and skilled hands creating some of the finest cutting tools in the world. Founded by David Berti in 1895 in the Tuscan countryside, it is today under the guidance of his great grandson Andrea. Each piece is handmade by Italian artisans and the essence of the Berti tradition since 1895 is this: the artisan that begins making a knife takes it through to the finishing touches. Each knife is the work of a sole artisan which bears his or her initials on the blade.
  Berti uses the same manufacturing techniques and materials such ox horn, boxwood and steel that has been used since 1895 in order to insure the same craftsmanship. Their intent is to produce knives with integrity and authenticity not found in industrialized production. Each piece of Berti Cotellerie is an heirloom.
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  Berti Lucite Handle Kitchen & Serving Set - White
  Berti Lucite Handle Small Set for Kitchen - White
  Berti Lucite Handle Small Set for Serving - White
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