Ercuis Transat Silver Plate Flatware

Transat Silver Plate Flatware
Ercuis Transat silver plate flatware, an Art Deco design, pays homage to the 1930s and 1940s while also giving a contemporary look to your table. Ercuis Transat features simple shapes with a motif of fine engraved concentric circles.
Product Name Our Price Quantity
Five Piece Place Setting* Five Piece Place Setting*
Dinner Fork* Dinner Fork*
Dinner Knife* Dinner Knife*
Dinner Spoon* Dinner Spoon*
After-Dinner Teaspoon* After-Dinner Teaspoon*
Dessert Fork* Dessert Fork*
Dessert Knife Dessert Knife
Dessert Spoon Dessert Spoon
Fish Fork Fish Fork
Fish Knife Fish Knife
Butter Spreader Butter Spreader
Demi-tasse Spoon Demi-tasse Spoon
Soup Ladle Soup Ladle
Serving Spoon Serving Spoon
Serving Fork Serving Fork
Cheese Knife Cheese Knife
Carving Knife Carving Knife
Carving Fork Carving Fork
Cake Server Cake Server