Vuelta Grey Silex

Vuelta Grey Silex
       Jars Ceramistes dinnerware, made in the South of France since 1857, has retained the same vision and philosophy since their beginning: a love of beautiful products and artisanal savoir-faire, and an appreciation of the value of hand craftsmanship in France. Each piece of Jars Ceramistes tableware is made from high quality raw materials and is in the hands of the ceramists 17 times before completion.
Jars dinnerware is chip resistant, as durable as porcelain and is microwave and dishwasher safe.
Free shipping on orders of $150.
Jars orders will ship in 4-5 business days when in stock. Back ordered items will be special ordered from France and deliveires may be 6-8 weeks. We will notify you within 48 hours if there are back ordered items. Please call us at 800.834.3797.
Product Name Our Price Quantity
  Dinner Plate - Large
  Dinner Plate - Medium
  Dessert Plate
  Cereal Bowl
  Fruit Bowl
  Soup Bowl - Large
  Soup Bowl - Medium
  Mini Bowl
  Tea cup & saucer
  Coffee cup & saucer
  Salad Bowl
  Serving Bowl
  Serving Plate
  Hors d'oeuvre Dish L
  Hors d'oeuvre Dish M
  Hors d'oeuvre Dish S