Gien Free Gifts w/ Purchase - October 2017

Gien Free Gifts w/ Purchase - October 2017
Recieve a Complimentary Gien Gift when you place a Gien order of $250 or more with us at FX Dougherty Home & Gift in the month of October!

A Pair of Gien Bottle Coasters ($65 value) with an order of $250 - $399
A Set/4 Gien Gastronomie Cheese Plates ($80 value) with an order of $400 - $749
A Gien Hostess Chip & Dip Set ($95 value) with an order of $750+

Just place your order in the cart to receive your complimentary gift!

Browse our collection of Gien, manufactured in Gien France since 1821, near the castles of the Loire Valley. Gien renowned worldwide as a company dedicated to quality has a rich technical and artistic heritage. Faiencerie de Gien's dedication to creativity, elegance and style range from classic traditional to modern as well as whimsical makes it a top-selling brand both at the national and international levels.  Gien enjoys the distinction of being a member of the prestigious Comite Colbert, a consortium of the most recognized French luxury names. Gien ... perfecting the art of Faience!