Gien Delices De Jouy

Gien Delices De Jouy
We are pleased to have been chosen by the Faiencerie de Gien to exclusivley introduce the charming Gien Delices De Jouy collection in the U.S.! 

Drawing inspiration from Toile de Jouy prints of the 17th century, Gien Delices De Jouy was created as a joint project of the Fainceries de Gien, the French National Museums Group and the National Toile de Jouy Museum in Jouy-en-Josas, France. One of the latest trends in home furnishings, the Toile de Jouy appears unexpectedly here and there, bringing quirky touches of charm to contemporary lifestyle!
   The delightful Gien Delices De Jouy collection, a classic motif while the colors are a nod to contempoary, teases us with depictions of fun and pastoral pleasures in dance, music, eating and gardening. Spring is portrayed by the ”tree of freedom” and Summer is depicted with figures reaping the harvest.

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